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Dad Hats Are Making A Comeback & Our Favorite Celebrities Are Onboard!

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Imagine attending a party but not being sure as to what the perfect accessory would be for the event; although accessorizing your outfit is fun, it is quite difficult to find an accessory that brings its own character into the mix, like a hat. While choosing an accessory, hats are one of the top options that signify many things, like class, grace, and respect. Adding a hat into your outfit will most certainly take your overall look to the next level. However, it is of equal importance to first understand what hats themselves stand for so that we can also see how they have made their much-awaited comeback into the fashion world and have taken it by a storm.

A Brief History of Caps

Hats have come a long way from their origination. The 17th and 18th century, where you could wear a dead raccoon on your head to gain glory, was actually, when the style of headgear came to the fashion scene. Eventually, the animals gained rights and there came a time when different types of hats emerged. The 19th century was a time when hats and caps held the status of dignity for all. Each form of a hat held a different status and people recognized each other’s social standing through them. From being used for everyday needs to signifying a man’s social standing in the hierarchy, hats had quite some time in their fashion glory. Until the last decade though, hats and caps become less as a fashion accessory and more of a thing of habit. However, times have changed!

Today, it is all about dad hats. Also known as a floppy hat, these hats are like an oversized baseball cap, which is made up of either cotton or canvas, unstructured on the top to be a perfect fit for everyone, and is curved right at the brim of it to shield your face from the sunlight! You can see so many celebrities flaunting these amazing hats today that make you want to go buy your very own. Hats have now become a fashion statement. More people are wearing dad hats now than ever.

It is not just the men but also women and kids of all ages that are tempted to buy dad hats to complete their look and to stay up to date with the current trends. You can see popular stars like Kim Kardashian or the famous dad hat Kanye to know what we are talking about if you were never much into hats back in the day.

Celebs Obsessed with the Dad Hat

Gang Dad hat

Formally, sportsmen and women mostly wore baseball hats or dad hats. On the sunny field, the curved shade of it enabled them to make a shot, hit the ball and all. Later, the celebrities took to these caps to get away from the It is a trend that has taken the world by a storm. From Kendall’s and Gigi’s dad hat style with fitted blue jeans and a top, to Rihanna’s dad cap look with long silk skirts, these hats are dominating the entire fashion scene. Although the dad hats might have once been your dad’s go-to hat, it is now the world’s favorite to go with almost every look possible. Not only women, but teenage celebs, singers, actors and many others are a part of this trend.

From rocking a printed flower strap back worn by Cara Delvingne, and a statement baseball hat while shopping worn by Madonna, to a stripped backstrap hat flaunted by the Beyonce on the shoot, the hats can be seen everywhere.

The huge variety of design choices simply add to the attractiveness of the dad hat trend. The prints and designs, as well as the statement carrying hats are now available in such diversity that everyone from a pregnant mommy to a truck driver, who simply loves to keep up with his home team, all can enjoy the take. The fashion offers an opportunity to all genders to flaunt their style.

The stitching, the fitting, and its fabric, all elements have added to a dad hats value. It’s easy availability and affordable cost is yet another attraction. Dad hats

Worried about Dress Matchmaking – Not Any More!

The world famous dad hat as we mentioned is a simple fashion accessory that when paired with the right kind of clothing can take your overall look to the next stage. It is the season’s burning hot accessory and a statement that now most celebrities are onboard with. Hats are now an accessory perfect for displaying your expression of love for your favorite team or helping a cause, to declaring your love for your favorite movies and characters, with the little witty statements written on the top of the hat visible to the whole world.

These hats strapback are much more versatile than you think. You can wear these hats with sweatpants if you wish or with mom jeans paired with white sneakers. The best thing about these hats is that they go with almost anything! If you are going out with the girls to a club and are wearing a cute mini skirt with a boho-chic look then you can wear a dad hat with that. If you are bumming it at the library during finals and a pair of ripped old blue jeans is all you can manage to wear with a t-shirt, then again a dad hat goes with that too!

Dj Khaled hat

Looking For An Economical Fashion Statement? Buy A Dad Cap!

If you have seen the current female celebs rocking these hat strapbacks then you know the need for pairing your hats with the right clothes is a not a worry anymore. Of course, you are going to have to shop around to find the right dad hat for your head with the right statement and color on it but that is pretty much all that you will have to spend money on. It is an important need of everyone today to be able to follow the fashion “trends” so they fit in and do not stand out from the masses. But what do you do when you are on a budget? You buy the ever so reliable dad hat so that you too can join in the hype.

If you are looking for a way to follow into celebrities’ footprints and make sure that you are in harmony with the latest fashion trends, then the cheapest ways to begin doing that is donning a fabulous dad cap and look better than you have ever looked before. You can wear it to parties, school and even date nights if that is what you like. These hats go with everywhere with practically everything. So what are you waiting for!


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