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Tips and Tricks to Finding the Right ‘It Was Lit’ Hat for You!

Though it might seem like an easy task to pick the right kind of hat for yourself, it is actually something people hilariously fail and don’t really know about until it is too late to do anything to fix the error of their ways. What you need in your life is an easy guide to help you find the perfect hat for yourself so you don’t end up making a complete fool of yourself at social gatherings. And that is exactly what we have brought to you. All you need is a little bit of research to help you figure out what kind of a hat would best go with your facial structure and you are good to go.

Hats are quite an interesting subject to talk about. If you have one of those heads that simply do not pair well with the kinds of hats that you buy then the reason for that might be that you don’t quite know what type will go with your facial structure. To better explain this, we will put this for you in terms of clothes. Do you buy clothes before finding out whether or not they go with your body type...? Of course you don’t. The same rule applies to the trendy accessory that is hats. It can be really disappointing to work so hard on creating the perfect look only to have it fail because of not picking the right type of accessory. We don’t mean that you overlook hats altogether. Hats are an exquisite accessory that brings its own character and grace onto the table which is something you will not get with another accessory. So without further ado, for all your hat wearing needs, here is an elaborate guide to help you make it through hat shopping for your facial structure.

The Anatomy of the Hat

The first and foremost thing that you need to know is that before you buy a hat you need to first understand its terminology so you can buy it easily. It is simply a means to be sure you do proper research or read articles much like this one simply devoted to help you find a proper hat that compliments your face. There are some particular words that will be mentioned in this article that will not make sense at first but that is the whole point of this to make sure you are well versed in all matters ‘hat’ once we are done with you.

The Shape of Your Face

This is the most important factor in the way of finding you the right hat for yourself. It is an accessory that frames your face and either makes or breaks your entire look which is what makes this step so crucial. Following are a few face structures that will help you determine which one you have and then the hat choices that are suitable for those facial structures so that you can figure out why we chose a particular hat for you.

Top Heavy Face

This facial structure as you can see shows you that you have a wider forehead area that you need to cover when selecting a hat which would then get lower as it is meant to narrow your jaw. For this facial structure you need a hat that will help you balance your face overall rather than something that adds more to your face.

Tips to Finding a Hat for Top Heavy Face

  • A hat with medium to short crown
  • Do not wear high crown hats
  • Wear medium brim sad frog hat

The reason for this is since you have a heavy top head, you should actively avoid any hat that is too high around the crown area which would widen your face even further. So if you had any intentions of imitating Pharrell Williams look from the song “Happy”, put them aside. Opt for a hat that will even out your look and compliment your face structure.

Long Thin Face

If your facial structure is long as well as thin then chances are that your body type is slim too which means that when it comes to hats, anything will suit you. Though there are some hats that you should most certainly avoid because we do not want you to wear a hat that would further elongate your face. Go for something that would present the illusion of a short face.

Tips to Finding a Hat for Long Thin Face

  • Find a tupac dad hat with a shorter crown
  • Avoid hats which have squared off crowns as they would elongate your face
  • Wear hats that come with wider brims as well as bands

With a face that is long as well as thin, it will be quite easy to find a hat that will compliment these features. Remember to find a hat capable of shortening as well as widening your face a bit without losing the touch of subtlety. A hat with short crown as well as wide brim will do just fine for this facial structure.

Square Face

This is one of the most common face shapes one can come across which means that if you have a square face then your overall body shape must be fairly even as well. This will make it difficult for finding a hat that eliminates the square shape out of your overall look and something that would bring some curvatures into the mix.

Tips to Finding the Right Hat for Square Face

  • Find a medium height dirty soda hat
  • Find a hat with a somewhat rounder crown
  • A hat with wide brims as well as rolled edges would work too

With a square face it is easy to go with hats that will only make your face look boxy which is why you need to carefully pick a hat that has a rounder crown rather than a squared off one that will compliment as well as bring some curvature to your face.

Oval Face

If you have an oval face then you have just hit the hat jackpot. You can wear just about any kind of hat ranging from it was lit cap to dirty soda cap. But remember that since your face is round already, you do not want to pick a hat that makes it look even rounder. The same rule applies to the width of the hat.

Tips for Finding the Right Hat for Oval Face

  • Find a hat with a medium crown
  • A hat with medium with brim

Avoid hats that will add either height, width or roundness to your facial structure. You need to opt for hats that have medium brim as will help keep your overall look in balance.

Chill Out Dad hat

Since it is a major fashion accessory that is taking the world by a storm in 2016 and all celebrities are on board with it, we understand the importance of finding the right hat for oneself. But remember that buying anything without proper research can be disastrous which is what makes it so important that you read up on the type of hats that will go with your facial structure before you go out and purchase one whether online or in person.

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