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Slay Dad hats & the Latest Trends

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Buy Your Own Slay Hat Now and Stay Up to Date with the Latest Trend in Town!

Although this might sound like such an outdated trend, but there was a thing called the “boyfriend trend” back in the years 2012 to 2013 and it was a pretty hot trend too. Believe us this trend had little to do with boyfriends and a lot to do with the clothes that they wore. People want a taste of fashion and it doesn’t matter what their means of getting towards it are. Although borrowing your boyfriend’s sweatshirt might have a romantic significance to it but wearing the a boy’s baggy clothes that hang off of your body, because of course they are oversized for you, has a certain appeal to it. This rule doesn’t only apply to boyfriends but also brothers, friends and fathers. There is something about borrowing oversized sweaters, blazers and even so much as trousers from a man’s wardrobe.

Following in the Steps of Coco Chanel

Don’t mind us; we know that the ladies are only following into the footsteps of Coco Chanel. It isn’t more about what you wear but rather how you wear it that matters the most. How you wear a piece of clothing no matter how boring or bleak sets the path for how successful your overall look is. The same rule applies to our highlight of discussion here which is the ever so appealing slay hat or as people know them “dad hats”. Dad hats have been around for quite a while. But only recently have they become a much coveted fashion statement. If you take your fashion inspiration from Coco Chanel then you know that you can convert just about anything into a fashion accessory and it all depends on how well you carry it on your body. A simple item such as your dad’s hat has made a comeback from the 90s and people all over town are buying new dad hats to wear with just about anything casual. 

Everyone’s Favorite Accessory: The Baseball Hat AKA The Dad Hat

If you are a girl then you know how hot a man looks if he is dressed in effortless blue jeans, button downs and has a dad hat thrown on his head. There is something very cheeky about that look that makes you want to try it on yourself too.

This begs the question: is it only boys that can wear a dad hat?

Whether it is a dad hat or a slay hat, if boys can wear one, why shouldn’t girls be able to do the same? One should never make the mistake of underestimating a woman’s ability to not only reinvent but also bring back fashion trends from the past to life. There are many events that you can wear a slay hat to ranging from casual days, sporty days to even date nights and create a  fashion statement everywhere that you go while wearing one of these bad boys.  If you have a casual wear day at work, you can put on one of the “safe for work” dad hats and rock your look.

Let Us Tell You a Hack

Do you want to know a secret? If you have a lazy day and can’t be bothered to wash your hair then you should throw a dad hat on and nobody will know your hair is slightly greasy and you will get through your day just fine. Well, this and of course the basic reason one wears a hat which is to protect one’s face from the sunrays as well as from rain. The key to making it all happen is finding the right hat for your head.

Now that these hats are more in style than ever, most designers are releasing their own designs that you can pick from and find one best suited to your liking. There are colored hats, printed hats and hats of all kinds of designs out there to choose form. You just have to know what kind you want for yourself.

Now let’s get down to business. As a lady you might not always want to wear casual clothes like ripped jeans or cropped tops. Sometimes you will want to dress up a bit whether it is for date night or for a party but then it is also true that you will want your outfit to “balance out” and not come on too strong. What better way to do that than to wear a dad hat to make your classy look a little sporty as well as casual at the same time?

  • Fashion Inspiration From Our Favorite From the Kardashian Clan

Take a tip or two from Kylie Jenner on this one. If you are not quite sure how to glam it up with a baseball hat then simply start with a dress, some white sneakers, a dad hat and some bold makeup like our favorite from the Kardashian clan and you are definitely headed for guaranteed success in the fashion world or simply for your weekly Instagram selfie, you name it!

  • The Perfect Accessory

We all know that winter is just around the corner which makes it all easy to conjure up a look that involves our new favorite fashion accessory: the dad hat. Buy Strapbacks in some bold colors so that they can blend in with jackets as well as coats of all styles whether you are a woman or a man. It works both ways, really.  The best tip that we can give you to make sure your baseball hat goes with everything is that you should find balance between your outfit and accessories so that you don’t end up over-accessorizing and killing your look.

There are a number of looks that you can pair up with a slay hat and they are as follows

  1. Party dresses

As we already mentioned that the most popular accessory to balance out a party dress is a hat. You can wear a party hat with dresses that you want to keep pretty yet casual at the same time.

  1. Mom jeans

Wearing a dad hat with mom jeans is pretty basic because the first look that comes to mind when one things of possible looks for baseball hats is a laid back blue sweater, mom jeans and white sneakers.

  1. Skirts

If you choose to wear a hat with a skirt, you can pair it up with high heels, a witty T-shirt/sweatshirt or a denim jacket if that is what the occasion requires.

  1. Overalls

This is inspiration from Rihanna, Kendall and Kylie Jenner as well as Gigi Hadid who have been spotted around town rocking an overall with a dad hat. This is a guaranteed look for sure.

The Budget Accessory

Finding the right accessory for your outfit is no easy job and when it comes to playing around on a budget, it is no child’s play to find the right accessory for your outfit. Since everyone wants to follow the latest trends and it usually goes the other way around when buying clothes, people no longer accessorize their clothes with accessories but rather accessorize special accessories with clothes. A dad hat is the perfect accessory because it goes well with just about anything so you do not end up spending a lot of money but also stay up to date with the latest trends in town. Buy Strapbacks now and start accessorizing your look the way you rightfully should!

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